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  • 31 October 2023
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RE: BUILD YOUR BFCM AUDIENCE | REFERENCE SHEET I have just watched the live and have a question about BUILD PHASE 1 Highly Engaged Audiences 90 days. If I have already added “because a person subscribed” why do I also need to add AND “If someone is in [main mailing list] ? My main mailing list is way smaller than my this will reduce the people that are HIghly Engaged and important to me. Do I turn my subscribed segment into a list? (cannot be undone)


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Hey @Mishy_B 

Welcome to the community! So glad you were able to watch the Live training: Build your BFCM audience!

I am reaching out to the team that created the live training to get their feedback on your question. Just want to make sure I provide the best answer based on what was covered in the training. As soon as I have their answer I will update you here!

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Hi @Mishy_B! Great news. You don’t need to utilize the condition “Person is in [main mailing list]” anymore as a marketing condition. Klaviyo recently updated the consent language and conditions we can use for segmenting (see more information here). 

Using this condition is sufficient: 

If someone can or cannot receive marketing
Person can receive email marketing
Because person subscribed

The highly engaged 90-day segment does not need to include “Person is in [main mailing list].” That was an error, and I have updated the reference sheet. You can find the updated segment reference sheet here. I have also updated this on our session Community post

This condition listed above (If someone can or cannot receive marketing → Person can receive email marketing → Because person subscribed) will search for consent across all lists (though we do recommend keeping one main mailing list for your email subscribers and one main list for your SMS subscribers for easier list management and cleaning). 

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, and thank you so much for attending our trainings. 

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Thank you so much! I contacted the community chat yesterday when I realised my Main Mailing List was so much smaller than all subscribers. I have updated the Main List with my subscribers. Now I expect much better returns $ because I have been using the Main List for quite some time in campaigns! Great excercise and I’m truely glad I attended the LIVE to find my problem. Next job - clean the list. Thanks team! Then get a SMS started - how does one do that with permission, to existing subscribers?

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Fantastic, I’m glad you were able to get your main list updated, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the training! That’s always the goal. 😊

For list cleaning, we have a detailed help center article that can walk you through that process. 

For SMS, have you gotten SMS enabled in your account? There are several different methods of growing your SMS list, converting current email subscribers, and acquiring new subscribers. I can share a few resources with you: 

Hope this is helpful! Let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with.