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  • 30 December 2020
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I created a google form survey for my customers for preferences and whatnot, and THEN realized I should have done it in klaviyo and had them up date their own information.  I have found the information on how to set this up but everything I read is so foreign to me.  Is there someone that could help me set this up for a fee? 

I’m fine with manually setting up the information i already have but it would be really nice if I could capture this automatically. 

My Google Survey


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3 replies

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Hi @PBowser, when referring to the information you found and how you anticipate capturing this information, would you mind providing the link? I’m assuming it had to do with the manage preference page but I’d like to make sure I have eyes on the same article.

We do have a partner directory which can be found here at Klaviyo Agency Directory but I’m not sure if this would be the best option if you’re just looking for this one item to be set up. If that is the case, Klaviyo does not have a service that would set this up but it might be worthwhile checking out sites that host freelancers that are familiar with Klaviyo and what you are looking for assistance with.

Feel free to provide any extra information that you think would be helpful in scoping this use case. 


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Hey @Paul S !  Thank you for getting back to me. After I posted this I went poking around and was able to recreate the form on the Update Preferences form - but then I sent myself a test email and it was the old manage preferences page, I don’t know why it didn’t update.  I checked it again now and its still the same simple form.  Also, I’m not sure I’m tagging the information correctly in the setup.  So I’m in need of a how to about the correct way to do that.  

Once some enters the info on the update preferences page does it just magically show up in their profile under the tag that I use?  

Here is the article I was looking at

Thank you for your help! 

Happy Monday!

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@PBowser, so I’m posting some information just to make a distinction on how our manage preference form works:


In your account's main navigation sidebar, you will see a Preferences Pages tab. These are default email forms that are used in:

  • Emails sent to segments
  • Flows triggered by an event
  • Emails sent to multiple lists and/or segments

When you insert an unsubscribe tag — {% unsubscribe %} — or a manage preference tag — {% manage_preferences %} — into a campaign that is sending to a segment, the default email forms will be used. The same is true when you insert these tags into flow emails where the flow is triggered by an event. This is the form that you went ahead and created in the Preference Pages section that has the additional fields you added in and styled.

When emails are sent to subscriber lists, however, the default email forms will not be used. This is because there are unique forms connected to specific lists. I’m wondering if this is causing the issue that you are seeing with the preference page not displaying with the preference page that you created.

While you may want a single preferences page to use consistently across all email sends, having the ability to customize these forms for a specific list is often helpful. For example, if a list is being used for a special contest or subscriber offer, you may want your forms to look a certain way and display a different set of subscriber preferences than forms related to your primary newsletter list. 

Unfortunately, you’d have to recreate the form that is tied to the specific list like your Newsletter list if you wanted emails that were being sent to that list’s preference page to not be the default manage preference page which you are likely seeing. 


Here is the information for changing a list’s manage preference page:

Customize a List's Preferences Page

When you click on the preferences page for a given list, you will notice that there isn't an "Add Fields" section. This is because the preferences page for a list mirrors the subscribe page. So, to edit the preferences page, you must first edit the subscribe page.

When someone first signs up, you will want to collect as much information as possible without impeding their likelihood to complete the form since some subscribers may never decide to update their preferences. Any fields you'd like to appear on your preferences page must be added directly to the list's subscribe page first.


The information that gets filled out by the profile should be stored in the Custom Properties section of a profile and can then be used to create segments to send targeted communication to based off of interest or the other fields you have on your preference page.


I hope the information above isn’t overwhelming but let me know if there is anything that you could use a further explanation of or needs to be clarified.