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  • 17 September 2023
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I just watched all the videos on properites and am still confused. I understand how to enter a custom property but where are the default properties?

For example if I want to enter a person’s gender do I need to create a custom property? It seems there would be a default for this.




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9 replies

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@arbrador  Gender would be a custom profile property that you would need to create and collect the data on. 


You can see a list of Klaviyo’s default properties here.

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Thank you so much Jessica! I found the default properties under Information but when I click on one nothing happens so I don’t know how to add information.

And if I add a custom property I don’t know how to make it accessible for other profiles. For example if I have Property: gender  Value: female do I need to enter that for every profile or will Klaviyo then make a field for gender that I can use for every profile.

Thanks much for your expertise!


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To bulk update profile properties ie. gender, you’ll have to do that through an upload. The same would be true for Klaviyo fields that can be updated.

Here’s how to import custom data through a CSV.

Note: Custom properties don’t exist on a profile unless they have data.


When uploading Klaviyo is using the email address to match up the user with their new data. This is the unique identifier in the platform. No one will be duplicated. I will typically use a separate list inside Klaviyo when importing profile property data just to be sure I don’t accidentally add anyone to a list that didn’t ask to be there or unexpectedly trigger any automations. 


Moving forward you’ll have to actively collect that information through a form, button click, or preference.


If your account qualifies you can use Klaviyo’s predicted analytics, which includes predicted gender. For instance, you can create segments of predicted genders, then trigger a flow by each segment, and put a create profile property action in your flow to update their profile.


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Wow this sounds so complicated!

I am not importing any lists. I’m just adding subscribers one by one. So I need to make a form, button click or preference? Sounds like those are for a sign up form. These are just people who have signed up for my Substack newsletter and I want to include them on my Klaviyo mailing list so that in the future I can segment them. Is there no way to just add info about each person manually?



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@arbrador  If you want to add people manually just search their email in the bar at the top and add the profile property from the details section of their profile with the add custom property button


As you enter it on each profile make sure you’re typing out exactly the same way. Profile property names and values are case sensitive. 


Gender is a different property than gender

female is a different value than Female



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Lora Arbrador <>

11:46 AM (7 minutes ago)


to Klaviyo

Thank you again. OK got it! But it does seem weird that there is no check off for properties that I make myself that I can apply to all new people that I add. Am I missing something here or did I truly find a useful feature that is missing in Klaviyo's expert data entry.


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99% of Klaviyo users aren’t adding subscribers manually, so it’s a pretty rare use case. Plus, custom properties don’t exist on profiles unless they have data in them. 


But you can add it at the same time you’re adding the subscriber to save a step like this:  


Navigate to the list you’re adding someone to

Choose import subscribers from the dropdown

Switch to copy and paste csv

Type out your info in the required format as shown in the placeholder text

Map your profile properties

Import the subscriber






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It looks like @Jessica eCommerce Badassery got you covered. Copy/paste from a spreadsheet is fast if you have a dozen or so contacts, and importing it as a CSV if you have a lot to import (typically hundreds, thousands or even 10s of thousands).  

If you are adding one or two, the quick add form can do the trick, but as you mentioned, it doesn’t have any of your custom properties you have created as part of the form.  

So another hack is to build yourself a Klaviyo Signup Form with all the properties you want as dropdowns or radio buttons (e.g for gender, or other fields), and then embed it on a hidden page that only you know where to find.  Then whenever you need to add a few emails at a time, you just fill out the signup form on behalf of the user.  I build these internal signup forms for customer service agents all the time so that they don’t have to log into Klaviyo if they want to add a property value or “tag” for a subscriber.

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Thanks Jessica and Joseph. I like the idea of building a custom signup form with all the properties as dropdowns or buttons. 

By “then embed it on a hidden page that only you know where to find” do you mean not on the Klaviyo app but perhaps on Evernote or an MS Word Document?

Then how would I transfer them to my Klaviyo mailing list?

I think we’re getting close to my needs now. I have lead magnets that collect email addresses for me that I need to add to Klaviyo as well as transferring them to Substack. Eventually I will automate all this but I’m just starting out and feeling my way. 

Thanks again!