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  • 19 August 2022
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Hi there, I have multiple issues with Klaviyo, but the most urgent one is this: 

I have a sign up form to collect new subscribers. Subscribers from this form should automatically receive a first “welcome” flow. Before I send a specific campaign to them. But here’s the issue: 

  1. Profiles who signed don’t get added to the subscribers list (I just found them by coincidence). I had to make a snapshot in order to create a new list, which I also added as a trigger to my welcome flow. 
  2. So now, the welcome flow has another trigger (members of this new list). But I just checked the “send messages” overview on each profile and there was nothing. And also no flow attached to each profile. 

Now I am asking myself, how this should ever work. If I have to send each e-mail manually since the flow doesn’t work, what should I use Klaviyo for? 




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3 replies

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Thanks for sharing this question with us. Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble here but we’re happy to get you back on track.

By default, Klaviyo lists will have double opt-in enabled. Double opt-in is a process through which a new subscriber must confirm their subscription via email before being subscribed (and thus added) to a given list. It is the same for both email and SMS subscribers. I recommend testing this by confirming your subscription and you should be added to the list. There is an option to enable single opt-in if you wish to circumvent the double opt-in process, though we recommend keeping double opt-in enabled. There’s another community thread discussing this in more detail below:

Once users are being added to your list, I would ensure that the list you’re adding users to is the same list that’s triggering your flow. My colleague Stephen speaks to this point in the thread below:

I also recommend checking out our welcome series article and our welcome series best practices blog article. 

I hope that’s helpful.

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Hi Dov, 

thank you for your reply. I am aware of the double opt-in importancy, this is why I keep it. But even the members of the list who already confirmed their consent haven’t received any email. I also launched a campaign today and Klaviyo claims that it was sent successfully, yet no one (myself included) received anything. I am more than disappointed at this moment.

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Thank you for providing that update. Sorry to hear your disappointment - I’ll do my best to get your situation squared away.

As a next step, I recommend looking through skip reasons for both your campaign and flow emails. For example, checking to ensure the users were not skipped because smart sending was enabled. This would occur if a user received a message from the same channel (e.g., email or SMS) too recently.  

I also recommend double-checking any existing flow filters or trigger filters on the flow that may be precluding profiles from entering the flow. You can preview a flow trigger to see if user would qualify by using a flow trigger preview tool -- more details on that here.

Lastly, I would check the spam folder. If you do find your emails are going to spam, I recommend employing the strategies outlined here. We also have a community topic on the topic below:

I hope that’s helpful.