How to Update Profiles using Activity Metrics

  • 20 November 2022
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We would like to add as much segmentation to our flows as possible and currently offer customers the chance to choose their favourite brand when updating preferences or within out sign up pop up. We will also add the option within Welcome Flow.

However it would be great if we could update customer profiles in bulk. For example if customer made a purchase of brand x or viewed brand x more than 3 times then update brand name to brand x in profile.


I would appreciate your thoughts.




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2 replies

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Hey @SeanMcC,

Can you explain more on what you mean by updating customer profiles in bulk? From your initial explanation, this sounds like something you could do using an update profile property step in flows. 

For example, you could create two flows, one triggered by someone purchasing brand X and another triggered by someone viewing a product. You’ll need some additional filters and conditional splits to evaluate someone who’s viewed products of the same brand 3 times. But both the flows can then be followed by an update profile property step to update or add a custom profile property designating the brand. 

A flow is just an automated journey for customers. This means you don’t actually need an email step in a flow. 

Keep in mind that if your customer has gone through several of these flow experiences or updated their property through another means - such as a signup form, they’ll be tagged with the latest profile property value if you were updating the same property.

This means that if they purchase or viewed from the same brand, the property would still stay the same. However, if they purchased from one brand, but then decide to view products from a different brand, they may be tagged with the brand of the recently viewed products. 


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Thanks for your reply. Thats really helpful especially the explanation as to how flows can be used without actually sending an email.