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  • 23 September 2022
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Hi Klaviyo Support Team,

I have a question regarding sign up forms and segmentation process. I have designed a sign up form that the subscriber sees a question as “Are you a professional athlete or a beginner? I want them to be added to the professional subscribers segmentation when they click on the word “professional” automatically and it should happen the same when they click on the word “beginner”, but I’m quite confued on how to define such filter, should I apply it on the sign up form or I should design a flow for it?

Thank you in advance.


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Hello @Della ,

Welcome to the Community.

You can create segments to view form results that have several response options if, for example, you have a form that collects responses on professional vs beginner. To do this, segment using profile properties that are attributed to these results. Profile properties are bits of information about the profiles in your account, and are categorized in two ways:

  • Klaviyo properties
    Properties that are pre-constructed in Klaviyo (e.g., EmailAddressFirst Name, etc.)
  • Custom properties
    Properties that you customize yourself

For example, say you run a bakery and want to target customers with content that specifically appeals to them. You can set up a form asking customers if they like chocolate, vanilla, or both.


When someone fills out this form, these preferences will save as profile properties that you can then use to segment. If you want to target customers who prefer chocolate, then your segment would look something like this:


Use this segment to analyze your customer preferences, and then send them content that directly applies to them. This allows you to fully own your marketing and connect with your customers.

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@Della Adding to the great answer from @alex.hong you could do the same with a button as well.

Add a custom profile property that updates the profile.


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Also, another great way to gather this customer information from your current email subscribers is to do a separate popup targeting people who already have Klaviyo profiles, asking them questions using the custom properties in Alex’s response. 

I’ve seen other brands ask similar questions during product reviews, post-purchase thank you pages, typeforms, and other areas.



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Hey @Della - Love the idea of collecting additional data points with your subscribers. Radio buttons sometimes have higher optin rates versus a dropdown menu for example. But I recommend keeping your fields optional to ensure highest email collection rate as possible and if consumers added additional fields it can be a nice addition. 



Hello! I am working with a client that sells merch for over 70 different sports teams. We want to segment her list and new subscribers based on their team so we can send targeted content. Do you think the best way to do this would be via a drop down menu in the pop up or via a flow or a mix of both? Thank you! 

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Hey @leesyb81,

Either options or both would actually work! There’s really no right or wrong answer to this as it would all depend entirely on how you want to set things up and the business’ marketing decisions. 

One solution that I’ve used before with large categories (such as sports teams) is simply embedding an update profile step into a post-purchase flow. Through a series of conditional splits, you can easily apply custom properties to profiles based on their purchases. For sports specifically, I can see this being extremely helpful since not only could you split and apply a property based on the team, but also the sport themselves for better targeting down the road.