My email flow won't work

  • 13 September 2021
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Hi all,


I have set up an email flow but it’s working.


Can I ask- When I set up a “list” do I need to add a tag? 

So that when I do the flow I can also select the same tag?


The emails are filtering through from my website to the correct list. The email flow is triggered by the list and has a tag But the only thing I can see that might be stopping it is: There was no tag on the “list” set up….


Could it be this stopping my email flow?





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3 replies

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It’s NOT working! (Sorry)

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Hi! Please send a screenshot of your flow trigger and filters.


Not sure what you mean by the tags, a screenshot will help to see how it’s set up (also, tags are not a must to trigger the flow)



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Hey @Homeofthemall 

Thank you for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for help with your flows!

As @Mailbox Manny  said, using tags in Klaviyo is not required but incredibly useful, Tags are a systematic way to help you organize items across a number of different Klaviyo product areas, streamlining your workflow and making it easier for different teams to operate simultaneously within Klaviyo. 

Definitely send us some screenshots like @Mailbox Manny suggested above! The screenshots will help us see if there is something going on with your Flow Trigger and Filters. Also check out this Community Post about troubleshooting flows:

I look forward to your response so we can dig deeper!