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I am looking into the following apps for my store:

  • Audiencefy
  • Revtap
  • Shoppr
  • Segments.tresl
  • Metrics box

Any feedback to which is best to integrate with Klaviyo? Anyone have any experience or recommendations? 

Which is most useful with Klaviyo? 

Thank you!

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Hey @Pascal88,

I just transition this topic to be a conversation to get more insight from our many Community members!

Though, I have little experience with these third party apps, but I would love to hear what our other Community member’s thoughts on this are! 

One thing I would suggest in your research for the app that best suits your need is to see if these apps have created their own integration with Klaviyo. Since these apps are third party, Klaviyo does not have an in-house build integration with them. This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to still connect with them, just means you would either need to see if these apps have created their own integration to connect to Klaviyo leveraging Klaviyo’s API or you can create your own custom connection between these apps and Klaviyo. 

If there were any apps you were interested in connecting your Klaviyo account to which have not developed their own integration with Klaviyo, you can leverage the following resources to create your own custom connection:


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Thanks for getting back to my post. I have been quite happy with Klaviyo. I wanted to see what other people have done to further leverage Klaviyo? I used and am quite happy with them. It is quite time consuming and disruptive to install and test apps or a SAAS. Having someone that has had a good experience with an APP or SAAS that has been very effective is very helpful.


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Hi @Pascal88 


I highly suggest checking out our Klaviyo Blog. I linked a search for “integration” to get you started, but in these blog posts we talk through common and successful use cases for multiple integrations.


You can also check out the integrations directory. This tool walks through a ton of third party integrations, hosted by Klaviyo and also hosted by the vendor that integrates with Klaviyo. In the directory for most of these integrations you’ll also see a featured spot at the bottom that highlights popular use cases for these integrations. For example this foursixty page talks through that people add dynamic, shoppable Instagram galleries to email campaigns using this integration. 


I hope this helps!