LFYL Recap - HYLETE - May 5, 2021

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Hey All, here’s a quick recap of the Live From Your Laptop session with HYLETE.   I’ll add [Manny’s Notes] to stuff that wasn’t discussed in the session but may add some color to the topic.


If you missed the session, you can find a recording here (some great tips in there!): https://www.klaviyo.com/events/live-from-your-laptop/on-demand?wchannelid=62y5ps8tfo&wmediaid=pigrah3nvl


Who Was On There:

  • Jamie Wardlow, VP Marketing @ HYLETE
  • Leilana Luna, Email/SMS Marketing Manager @ HYLETE
  • Dr. Nancy Lin, Lifestyle Coach @ HYLETE
  • Host, @MorganLaskey1025 


  From Jamie’s Session:

  • To grow the business at the early stages they go in all-in on customer service, giving everyone who interacts with them a “human experience”
    • [Manny’s Notes] people buy from people they like (they didn’t say that, but that’s something I learned during my experience in sales)
  • This allowed them to build up a strong community.  An interesting they’re able to do is crowdsource product backing on their own platform (using Magento). 
  • Adding to the benefits of their community, a referral program works really well for them
    • Jamie mentions that everyone should have a referral program (they use Talkable).  It’s “low maintenance and a low customer acquisition cost (relative)” 
      • [Manny’s Notes] Talkable is made for brands that are doing $4MM+.  I believe they recently launched a Shopify App for smaller brands.  However, there are other solutions as well, such as ReferralCandy, Refersion.  If you have a loyalty program (ie. Stamped Rewards), they most likely they’ll have a referral program built in as well

  From Leilana’s Session (more related towards tactical tips):

  • Email is their top revenue generating channel (+50%)
  • Some of the features in Klaviyo that’s helped level up their game
    • Predictive Analytics
      • An example: creating gender cohorts and then sending the right messaging based on that (ie. sending Men’s products to Men)
    • Benchmarks
    • Segments
      • When thinking about segments, first start with the email you want to send out and ask “what is the why” → what’s the purpose of this email, and then who should see it
      • Must have segments for every account is the different tracks of engagement (ie. 30 day, 90 day, 180 day)
  • Top Flows (no particular order):
    • Abandoned Cart
    • Abandoned Browse
    • Account Created
    • Post-Purchase Flow (messaging is around brand education)
      • [Manny’s Notes] I feel like this is under-rated.  We see great open rates on these emails and sometimes people place a second order from (although, that is not the messaging or goal).  It’s a great way to share information and build excitement for the product that is on the way.
  • Best practice: check “freshness” and metrics of flows every quarter
  • Campaigns
    • Primarily around promotions, product education, community updates, new products
    • They exclude people in Flows from Campaign emails
      • [Manny’s Notes]  We just started doing this on all of our accounts after we realized subscribers were being sent too many messages too soon (it also didn’t make sense in the relationship building process).
        • For example, if someone is in the Post-Purchase Flow and then get a campaign about a promotion, they wouldn’t feel that great.
        • To do this, you can add a property to subscriber at the beginning of a Flow to signify they are in a flow and then remove that property when they are at the last step of the flow before exiting.

One surprising note that was mentioned is that HYLETE sends out an email everyday to their subscribers! Now, it’s not too everyone otherwise they’d run out of content and exhaust their audience.  Segmenting plays a big part in spacing out the messaging.


It was a great session by the HYLETE team with some actionable tips that can be used ASAP (hint: post purchase flow, predictive analytics - get on it! :) ).

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Hey @Manny Singh,

Thanks for those detailed notes! Love the summary!
I’m sure this will help a number of Community members who may have missed this event!

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This is a great summary Manny! Thanks for tuning in and contributing these great follow up notes to the community :grin: