Champion of the month: Joe Hsieh

  • 11 April 2023
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Champion of the month: Joe Hsieh
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Hi Community! 


Our Champions are an integral part of our Community and make it the inclusive and educational platform it is today. They provide constant commitment to helping their peers, sharing their strategies as industry leaders, and creating inspirational content to help our users learn and grow together!


I’m happy to recognize this long standing Klaviyo advocate, who has regularly come to the aid of all Community members. Whether you have just joined or are a long standing member of the Community, sooner or later you have run into an engaging comment or best answer by this Champion. While I’m sure this comes as no surprise at all, our next Champion of the month is: 🎉 @retention (Joe Hsieh) 🎉




Joe is the Founder and Chief Marketer of his agency Retention Commerce, which he created over 7 years ago. He was first introduced to Klaviyo from his first ever Shopify client and has been a long-time user ever since.


When asked what the Community means to Joe, he shared:

The Klaviyo Community is a place where I both learn and teach. Everyone's use cases are unique, it's a place where I go for inspiration and possibilities!”


Last month, Joe’s engagement included:

  • 52 replies

  • 46 likes received

  • 27 answered topics


Since his start in the Community in September of 2020, he has been a nonstop force of knowledge, inspiration, and help to others in the Community! Over the past 2.5 years his overall involvement in the Community has been:

  • 533 replies

  • 596  likes received

  • 366 answered topics


Let’s give it up to Joe for all he has done for our Community and its members! Thank you for being a long standing pillar of our Community since the start. 


To connect further with Joe, send him a DM on the Community (@retention), check out Retention Commerce’s partner page and check out his Champion profile page!


📣 If you’ve learned from Joe’s engagement in the Community, please share your stories and congrats below!🎊

6 replies

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Congratulations, @retention! A well-deserved recognition 😊

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Congrats @retention! 🎉 

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Wow! I’d like to thank my mom and dad, my beautiful wife, and of course my lovely daughters and my fans. Just kidding of course, but happy to be featured and thank you.

I see the Klaviyo community growing every day and just happy being part of the shared journey.  As a long time Klaviyo Partner, I still learn new things here in the community!!  Thanks for all the contributions and look forward to see who we will spotlight next.

Update: a little story about my origin from starting at Klaviyo to now!

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Congrats Joe (@retention)!! 🎉

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Congratulations, Joe!  @retention 🎊

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Congrats @retention!