3 Email Growth Strategies To Improve Deliverability & Email ROI

  • 12 December 2022
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If you really want to bring great results from your email marketing to make a positive impact on your business, you must:

1) Focus on your list building methods:

- Be it your website, landing pages, app, social networks, POS, etc. - building a quality productive list (aka double opt-in) is a key. If you believe that double opt-in strategy will impact your business because your list growth will be slow, then you’re wrong! Focus on quality, and not quantity. Period!

- Don’t avoid securing your email capture forms across all your digital assets using captcha / real time email validation to safeguard your email programs. You never know when you’d become a victim of next bot attack like list bombing.

2) Focus on your list housekeeping:

- Keep it simple & smart in your targeting & segmentation by tightening the engagement criteria across your segments.

- Stop sending emails to people who haven’t really engaged with your emails in the last 3 months. Take a step back and understand why they have stopped engaging and win them back with a strong reengagement strategy (your audience should believe that you really care and keep providing value if they ever come back).

- Sunset them after a specific duration if they don’t engage with your emails further. You can even try to reach out those audience on other channels and bring them back to your email funnel.

3) Focus more on implementing simple email growth strategies (that works) instead of getting distracted by shiny objects around us.

- Email is complex but approach to implement your email programs should always be simpler and customer focused.

- Treat email address as human and simply keep the communication more personalised and relevant to their needs. For e.g. Onboard them well (just like you meet someone for the first time and introduce yourself), understand their preferences, nurture them & build a relationship (just like you become best friends and know well about each other), respect their time and privacy (just like you care for each other while in a relationship), let them go if they want to leave on good terms (just like you breakup with a person).

3 replies

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Is it best to use a dedicated landing page app such as Unbounce or LeadPages with Klaviyo?

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@inboxingmaestro do you have any recommendations based on your experience?


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Thanks @chloe.strange for the mention.

@arbrador - Yes! You can use a landing page with Klaviyo as long as user details and attributes flows seamlessly between both the platforms - either via API or Zapier or native integration available with Klaviyo.

Let me know if that answers your question or you’ve any further questions.