How to create an effective welcome flow

  • 21 March 2023
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How to create an effective welcome flow
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Hi Community! I’m excited to share with you all today on how to take your welcome flow to the next level!


One of the most important email flows you can create for your brand is the welcome flow. (Okay, the abandoned cart is right up there, as well, but still!)


Think of it like the magic flying carpet of emails that is there to guide them along the wonderful path of purchasing with your brand.


If you're currently sending just a single welcome/coupon email in your flow.... and then crickets after that - you're leaving a huge gap in your customer journey! Your welcome flow should be all about turning your brand-new prospect into a best friend. In this article, I'm going to break down the steps we take when building an effective welcome flow of emails.


Understanding Your Ideal Customer


This step is going to be either a fun one or put you on the struggle bus, but truly understanding what your ideal customer wants, hates, and feels is vital to a successful welcome flow.


I highly recommend taking 10 minutes to write down every possible hurdle a new prospect has when visiting your website - think objectively!


Here are the core common ones I usually see with clients:

  • Why should I trust this brand over another?

  • Price objection

  • Are there customer experiences/testimonials?

  • Will this product work/fit/apply to ME?


For a recent example from a client of ours in the CBD space, these were those hurdles:

  • How are you different than other CBD brands?

  • Is your product regulated? Safe? Lab-tested?

  • Will I get high taking this? (Misconception)

  • I suffer from (lack of sleep, focus issues, etc) - My own specific issues - can this help me?

  • Price objection

  • Taste concerns


Create Your Magic Carpet Welcome Flow


Okay - now that you have all of those objections... what does that mean for your welcome sequence? You now have the topics and pain points to address in your emails!


Turn those talking points into focal points of your welcome sequence. Depending on your brand and industry, you may have 4-7 emails, with each one addressing a different hurdle and convincing them why they should choose your brand!


I know that can sound like a lot of emails to some, but having these breadcrumbs of engaging content and information is going to produce a much higher level of trust with your prospect.


In the example of our CBD client - here was the final sequence of emails (spread over 2 1/2 weeks):

Welcome Email 1 - Introducing the welcome offer and core values of the brand

Welcome Email 2 - Introducing the brand mission & story from the founders

Welcome Email 3 - Highlighting the best-selling products & their benefits

Welcome Email 4 - Customer story highlights & reviews

Welcome Email 5 - Blog content on the science of their products

Welcome Email 6 - Introducing product routines/recommendations via pain points (i.e Sleep Bundle for restlessness)

Welcome Email 7 - Welcome offer bumped up for the next 48 hours only (If not purchased)


Final Words


In an ideal world - your prospect would open every single message in this sequence. As we know, that just isn't realistic, so don't be afraid to re-mention your welcome offer, drive in value propositions of your brand in multiple messages, and test, test, test!


-@Spark Bridge Digital LLC (Peyton Fox, ‘23 Community Champion)


Learn more about me on my Champion profile page or connect with me for questions or custom solutions on my Partner Page!


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Great post, @Spark Bridge Digital LLC !

All too often, I see brand who fail to use their Welcome Series as a customer education tool that gives them the extra push (or incentive) needed to make an informed buying decision. The 7-email outline you provided here is a great, easy strategy that merchants in almost any industry can follow! 

For those more at an intermediate level, you can also feel free to explore conditional splits in your Welcome Series based on a subscribers historical behavior or preferences. This will allow you to deliver even more personalized messages to new and prospective customers.

Awesome stuff!

-- Ashley Ismailovski

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Great! I’ll definitely be updating our welcome flow with some of these other emails!

Thanks, very useful!