Best way to capture customer preferences through signup form?

  • 31 January 2023
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Hi there!

We have been using Klaviyo now for about a year, and I’m having really good success with our engaged segment. 

As we are a gift shop with several different categories (candles, specialty foods, tableware, baby, home decor, pets, etc) I’d like to begin capturing customer preferences so that when we are doing product specific emails, I am only sending to the people who are interested in those categories. 

What is the best way to capture that information after they complete the pop-up? Is it best to capture that immediately, or add it as part of our welcome flow? Or take them directly to a page online after completing the subscribe form? Is that something I can do using a Klaviyo form or is best achieved through an app?

Greatly appreciate any advice or best practices that are working for others.




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2 replies

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Hi @SpoiledRotten


Welcome to the Community! Love this strategy question! 


Getting preferences of your customers and segmenting marketing accordingly is Klaviyo’s special sauce and what takes your marketing from good to great!


If you want to get these preferences from new subscribers I’d recommend asking for this in your signup form and welcome series. You can add a conditional split of whether or not they have a property attached to their profile with any of the preferences, you’ll need to use an OR connector in this split, and if not you can send them a welcome series email  asking them for a preference via link, button, or picture.. If they already gave this info from your signup form then you can send them a normal email not asking for this information again.


For your existing subscribers, you can create a segment of your older subscribers who don’t have this profile property of preference attached to them and send a a campaign asking for them to tell you what their preference is, in the same way you’d ask someone in your welcome series who hasn’t given you this information yet. 


It should be noted that you will need to redirect users to a success URL after they give you their preference, per the documentation, however, you cancreate a full page success form   to host on a website on your site or embed a signup form on a new page in your site like this user below.


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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@Taylor Tarpley Thanks for the answer, very helpful!