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  • 2 December 2020
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Depending on your business, you might have some forms on your site intended for high-touch customers, and you want to be notified when someone joins that list. So how can we make that happen?

At this time, Klaviyo does not have a built-in notification that you can receive when a customer fills out a signup form, but with flows you can make sure you know when someone has been added. Below are two easy ways to do this:

  1. You can CC or BCC the desired email on the first message of a flow triggered by the list your customer joins when filling out the form. You will add this CC or BCC on the content page for the first email of the flow.

    When the customer fills out your form and joins your list, they will enter the flow and receive the first email of the flow — you will then receive that email as well to your inbox notifying you of the customer subscription to your list.

  2. You can add a notification action to a flow triggered by the list your customer joins via the form. The notification action will allow you to input up to 5 email address to be notified. Each person added will need to confirm their email before being able to receive these notifications. You can then customize your notification to include a clear subject and relevant information so your internal team has what they need to follow up. 

    To be notified when someone fills out your form and joins your list, add your notification right after the flow trigger.

If you’re interested in the notification action, check out our article on common use cases for notifications.

So what are your use cases, what lists are you growing, and what makes notifications important to your business? We’d love to hear from you!


10 replies

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Why DOESN’T Klaviyo have this as an option? At least one other LARGE email marketing company has an easy option to send me an update to let me know how many new subscribers and how many unsubs I have on my list and I can set the option to send it whenever I choose (daily, weekly, etc.)

They even have an app that sends me updates and notifications about how my campaigns are doing.


Why, when data is SO IMPORTANT does Klaviyo not have this? Why do I need to set it up to email me SEPARATELY every time someone subscribes? What if I’m doing a large campaign to get new subscribers? 

This seems like a pretty basic option for the END USER that is just lacking. Time to get with the program and offer more options that make sense to the person paying for the use of your system.

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Hi @PieceCraftLove,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with the Community. Thank you @Julia.LiMarzi for your helpful initial suggestions.

@PieceCraftLove, first let me apologize for the frustration you’ve been experiencing. I am happy to help you get back on the right track!

I suggest looking into Klaviyo’s list growth reporting tool which will allow you to track the number of new subscribers added to your list in addition to keeping track of the unsubscribes. In addition, it allows you to adjust your view to a weekly or monthly cadence. These reports are available for all Klaviyo lists.

With respect to campaign performance, we do have a lot of fantastic documentation to give you an indication of where your deliverability metrics should be as a healthy sender. I recommend checking out our documentation on monitoring email deliverability performance for more information on those specific figures. We also have a campaign trend report which you’ll find helpful to keep track of how your campaigns are performing over time. You can break this report down by domain, or look at how the last 5,10, 20 etc. campaigns have been performing. It is quite a dynamic feature that gives you great insight into campaign performance. You may also find value in reviewing your campaign analytics for further insight into your campaign performance.

Apologies again for the frustration here but I hope these resources will be helpful for you to drill down into your campaign metrics a little further! I have also filed a feature proposal to further break down the raw number of current subscribers/unsubscribes on any given list to make this even more concrete for future users. 

Thanks for being a member of our Community

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Notifications would be great so when I create a Wholesale sign up form, I get notified for potential new stockists and reply straight away.

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Hi @Shakira Hanson 

If you want a notification immediately, every time someone submits your wholesale form, that would be a great opportunity to use the notification action in a flow. 

Set your flow to trigger when someone subscribes to your wholesale list. If you are not maintaining a separate list for wholesale contacts, then trigger it by the list they are joining, and add a trigger filter for the $Source (the source information of the form they filled out). 

Then add in the notification action and set who should be notified when someone joins and the message they should receive. You don’t need to include any emails or SMS in this flow unless you want to. If you already have a welcome series set up for your wholesale customers, you can also add the notification action to the beginning of that flow instead. 

I hope this helps!


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+1 vote for a simple option to send an email notification when a form is completed. Understand we could setup a notification action in a flow, but wondering if it works when someone is already in that list, and completes something like a customer service request form a 2nd or 3rd time, will that notification still fire? Or does it see that they are already in the list and ignore it? We’re having to use a 3rd party form builder and rely on zapier to push the data into Klaviyo because of this lack of functionality. 

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Hey @jpleakis, great question! 

List-triggered flows do prevent profiles from entering more than one time. @David To has a great explanation about repeated list submission and flows, and suggests creating a custom metric as a potential solution. 

These restrictions are in place to help prevent potential abuse by visitors filling out a signup form repeatedly to get new discount codes, for example. 

You mentioned for your use case that a customer may be filling out a customer service request for a second or third time. Are you using a help desk integration?

If you are using a help desk, you may be able to trigger a flow off of a metric from that integration instead. For example, our Zendesk integration includes the metric Opened Ticket, so when someone submits a request, that metric is tracked and can be used to trigger a flow to send you a notification. 

Otherwise, you may want to consider changing the setup of your form. Rather than adding someone to your list, for a customer service use case, I’d recommend using a contact form that allows customers to fill out their request and then forwards that message to your business email. Your ecommerce platform maybe have the ability to create a contact form natively, and that could be another option for you. 




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Hi - I’d like to add the $source value to an email notification I send myself, so I know which form was filled out. How do I do that?

Things I’ve tried:


{{ $source }}

{{ source }}


What is the correct method?

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It is possible to include anything saved as a profile property in a flow notification - you can view each variable option when choosing Properties about someone and clicking into the value box in the segment builder.
You can include $source using the variable {{ person|lookup:"$source" }}

Hope this helps!

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Ah, perfect! Thanks so much for the reply!


Hey there,

I have a couple of questions as I am unfamiliar with Klaviyo flows and forms. I have been using another software previously.

I have created a form to embed into my customers website but I’ve noticed that the only notification visible to set up for this form is through creating a flow that notifies the owner that the form has been completed? Is there a way to send the details from the form as part of that notification? So for example a client has completed their name, company details, contact details, how they would like to be contacted and their message. None of this information is included in the notification as part of the flow but would be great if it can be? 

My second question is around the form set up. I have noticed that once the form is set up there is no way to edit the list the collected data is saved to? Can this be made editable so that a new form doesn’t need to be created? 

Lastly, there is no option to add multiple triggers in a custom flow? Is there a reason for this? I have also noticed that once a flow has been created the trigger can not be altered either? 

Am I missing something here and can someone please help point me in the right direction?