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  • 21 November 2022
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Hey all!

Hope I can explain what I’m trying to do so it’s

I set up a sign up form that I’m trying to use as a “contact form” where customers can ask me questions seeing as Klaviyo does not seem to have actual contact form options. 

Is there any field that can be added, or any other way to have their questions submit to my email? I can’t find anything like that.

This is what I have set up. There’s a text input field bcs I can’t find something else for now: 

Then I have the email field. 

Is there an option instead of that text field in which whatever they write there gets sent to my email? 

Basically, I’m looking for a contact me form through klaviyo WITHOUT added apps.

Or some other out of the box genius workaround… :-)


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Hello @Rachel Flam,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

If i’m hearing your right, it sounds like you’re trying to get a notification when your customers fill out a signup form you’ve designed as a lead form. Not only that, but also have a way to see the responses of your customers in that notification. This would actually be a great use case for our notification action feature

The notification action feature does just that - it’s set within an automated flow to send out a notification in the form of an email to a designed email address. In addition, the email that gets sent can be customized with personalizations. This means you can set it up in a way that you’ll know not only who the customer is, but also get to see their responses. You can find some common use case for this feature in our Notification action use cases reference Help Center article.

This subject has also been brought up several times before. I’ve included some past discussions below:

I hope this helps!