Abandoned cart flow is triggered even if the customer has paid. 

  • 27 March 2023
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I use abandoned cart flow on my website (Woocommerce).
The cart abandonment flow works... but sometimes customers are retriggered even though they went to the end of the checkout and paid !

It's a real problem, and it's hundreds of emails from customers asking if their order was successful.

How can we avoid this?


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6 replies

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Hi @AntoineB, do you have the Flow Filter setup to exclude folks that have placed an order while starting the Flow?  It looks like this when you click on the Flow Filter rules:


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Hi retention, 


Yes, I have this 🤷🏻‍♂️


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Hey @AntoineB 

Can you take a look at the flow analytics and the Recipient Activity > Skipped to see if there are people being skipped at all because they placed an order? If most customers are being skipped, can you share a screenshot of a profile where they were sent the flow email after they completed their purchase?

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Hey @stephen.trumble , 


Thanks for your help. 

1/ Please find a screenshot of the Flow analytics > Recipient Activity > Skipped.
There is NO people being skipped because they placed an order. 


2/ Then please find below a screenshot from a profile who 

  1. Started a checkout at 10:24pm
  2. Placed an order at 10:27pm (check order confirmation below from woocommerce backoffice)
  3. But received email for abandoned cart

It's weird! To me, it's like Klaviyo has no idea if the customer has paid (?)


Thanks for your help guys!

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Hey @AntoineB 

For your first point you have, all the profiles in the screenshot were skipped because they failed the flow filter “Place order zero times” meaning they placed and order and were skipped. So the filter is working as expected. However the last skipped was back in February which indicates that there might be a issue with the integration and its periodic syncs.

Second, it appears there is a second indicator that there is a syncing issue as the Klaviyo profile does not show a Placed Order event even though WooCommerce is showing a completed checkout.

The best way to fix this is to completely remove your WooCommerce integration from Klaviyo and reinstall. You won't lose any data, and once you reinstall, all of the data that was missing (ie placed order events) will be added to profiles appropriately through a historic sync as well as allow for all new events to sync into Klaviyo.

Hope this helps!


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Hey @stephen.trumble 

I followed your advice, integration re-synchronized ... fingers crossed 🤞
@stephen.trumble thanks for help!