Adding an 'order details' dynamic block using new editor.

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Hello, I am trying to add a dynamic block to an ‘order status’ flow which will show the product the customer has ordered. I am familiar with how to add an abandon cart block in the new editor as Klaviyo has a step by step guide, but find myself stumped when it comes to doing anything else! If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great :)

p.s I find it really frustrating that their isn't  a universal template for dynamic blocks and/or you cant take pre-built blocks from old templates from the old editor and add to the new. For example many of the dynamic blocks that are pre-built for flows are in the old editor, but I build all my emails using the new editor (which I think is a lot more user friendly), anyone else have similar frustrations?


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Hello @Alex_27,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

If you haven’t already, I think taking a look at some of the resources below could be helpful in building the sort of dynamic block you were looking for:

Similar to how you would build a dynamic table block for an abandoned cart flow, the same theories apply to building any dynamic table block for an email within a metric-triggered flow. The process to building a dynamic table block within the classic and the new editor hasn’t changed. You still would have to define the data you want to repeat and along with inputting the variables and data points you want to highlighted. The main difference between the classic editor and new editor when it comes to building out dynamic table blocks is primarily circled around the UI. 

Our template specialist @Anna McCarthy has shared some great walk through on both our new and classic editor that you can find in her Community Profile. I especially found the Klaviyo’s New Template Editor versus the Classic Template Editor post helpful in understanding more of the niches and intricacies of how some of the features differ between the two. 

I believe you’ll also be happy to know that one of our major updates coming pertaining to the new and classic editor is the function to convert templates built on the classic editor to the new editor. This has been a major request from a number of our customers and it hasn’t been gone unnoticed! Although this feature is not available yet, I would keep an eye out for it in the near future 😉.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks David!